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Cybersecurity 2019 — The Year in Preview: Elections and Political Advertising

Editors’ Note:  This is the sixth in our third annual series examining important trends in data privacy and cybersecurity during the new year.  Our previous entries were on cryptocurrencyemerging threatsstate law trends, comparing the GDPR with COPPA, and energy and security.  Up next:  HIPAA.

Social media companies’ and search engines’ revenue models are based on creating valuable advertising platforms for marketers. … More

Security in our Decentralized Election System: News from DHS

After repeated requests from various states, the Department of Homeland Security informed state governments which states had their election systems hacked or otherwise compromised during the 2016 general election.  According to reports, 21 states had their systems compromised in some fashion, although there is no evidence voting machines themselves were tampered with and in only some instances were computer systems actually penetrated.… More