The Foley Hoag Security, Privacy and the Law Blog focuses on the security and privacy issues encountered by businesses that often require immediate and discreet solutions. Here we cover topics that arise from guiding our clients through the process of complying with the ever-growing number of state, federal and international laws governing information security, identity theft, surveillance and other privacy issues.

Our lawyers assist clients with questions on how to legally and ethically investigate abusive e-mail, take down infringing Web sites, maintain surveillance of company facilities and information systems, and remediate breaches of security. We work with clients to ensure the legality and success of existing security policies and protocols and help them develop new programs when necessary. Our lawyers have managed unexpected crises ranging from surprise inspections by government investigators to obtaining emergency court orders needed to secure stolen company computers from rogue insiders.

We hope to promote an active dialogue on these and other developing issues. Please post your thoughts and join the discussion – whether you agree or disagree – and let us know about other developments that we should consider.

We look forward to the conversation.


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