Your Password Can’t Possibly Be This Bad, Can It?

NordPass (the purveyor of a password manager) has assembled a list of the top 20 passwords in healthcare, based on usage by the world’s largest companies.  According to NordPass’s analysis, the “top” 20 passwords are:

          1. 123456
          2. password
          3. part of the company’s name*
          4. 12345
          5. aaron431
          6. part of the company’s name2012*
          7. Part of the company’s name*
          8. PART OF THE COMPANY’S NAME443*
          9. company name2014*
          10. linkedin
          11. pass1
          12. company name*
          14. company name*
          15. 00000
          16. 1111
          17. company name*
          18. 1234
          19. Med
          20. company name*

Obviously, none of these are optimal, particularly in situation where HIPAA Protected Health Information may be involved.

(One of these, Aaron431, is a bit of a mystery.  It may be that it is a default password on a common application.)  The point of noting these passwords is, of course, to prompt you to reviecw/change your passwords.  Or better yet, adopt a password manager, so you can utlize more complete passwords and change the more easily.

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