Watch Now: Maintaining Privacy and Data Security in the Remote Workplace

The coronavirus pandemic has required a rapid and dramatic shift to remote work, raising important implications for workplace privacy and information security. Some of these concerns are new; others are the same concerns that employers have always held, now amplified by the increasingly blurred lines between work and home. All of these concerns will remain as the workplace travels from the office to the home and, in the near future, back again. Some are compliance-related: how can employers make sure they are crafting appropriate employee-related privacy policies but not inadvertently creating increased risk of liability? How should employers think about privacy issues in the event of an internal investigation? How can businesses ensure that their trade secrets remain protected in the new remote environment? How might the remote workplace and these employee privacy issues impact litigation best practices? Join Foley Hoag partners Kristyn DeFilipp and Chris Hart as they explore these issues.

Listen to the webinar here.

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