Watch – Best Practices: Terms of Service and Privacy Policies

Terms of service and privacy policies form the primary legal agreement between your organization and anyone who visits your website, downloads your app, or subscribes to your platform. These agreements are ubiquitous, yet often overlooked by start-ups and established companies alike. And with new privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA affecting businesses globally, understanding how these laws affect your policies and terms is crucial for doing business.

Foley Hoag attorneys Christopher Hart and Jessica Turko present a webinar discussing how companies can mitigate risk when drafting terms of service and privacy policies.

Topics Discussed

  • How your terms and privacy policy work together to define and protect users’ privacy and content rights
  • Critical issues to address in your terms of service and privacy policy
  • How customized these agreements should be
  • How often these agreements should be updated
  • Drafting mistakes to avoid

Click here to download the materials.

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