Cybersecurity 2019: Data Privacy Trends

In 2018, privacy and data security crossed a number of thresholds. In the public mind, through high-profile data breaches and revelations about unexpected uses of personal information, questions of privacy became much more salient. In the legal and regulatory arena, both the GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act became clear catalysts for a global transformation in the coming years of privacy practices. Finally, new technologies suggest that flux and complexity we are currently experiencing will continue, as we face new challenges and new threats to privacy.

Foley Hoag attorneys Chris Hart, Colin Zick, Michael Licker, Jeremy Meisinger, Stephen Bartlett, Scott Bloomberg, Vivek Krishnamurthy and Carol Holahan published a collection of essays that addresses each of these issues. Our hope is that this eBook helps you navigate this continuously evolving area.

Click here to download.

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