A New Year’s Resolution: Wrap Your Car Fob in Foil!

Happy New Year!  While you are making (and soon breaking) your resolutions, here’s another lifestyle change to consider for 2019:  putting your car fob in foil at night before you go to sleep.  Why?  Because the fob’s signal can be hacked; thieves can hijack the signal to enter your car and steal it and/or its contents.

According to an article in the Detroit Free Press, your “car is always waiting for the fob signal. Thieves can buy legitimate devices that amplify the fob signal sitting unprotected in a purse, a pocket, on a counter at home or even just copy the code to access the vehicle.   Copying code from key fobs isn’t difficult. And this is something the auto industry and insurance companies are monitoring closely.”

The automobile industry has been aware of this problem for over two years, but has failed to act.  So it’s up to individuals to secure their fobs for the time-being.

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