Friday Blog Round-Up

In case you missed it:

  • We wrapped up our “Year in Preview” series with deep dives into international law and cyber warfare, financial institutions and the SEC, and cryptocurrencies and blockchain.  Each of the nine articles in this series is worth reading on its own, and taken together all will give you a broad view into cybersecurity and data privacy trends in the coming year.
  • The Advanced Cyber Security Center released its report on cybersecurity concerns of Massachusetts residents post-Equifax.  (Spoiler:  about 2/3 of respondents say they won’t do business with an entity that’s been breached.)
  • In crytopcurrency news, the Massachusetts Securities Division announced that it’s going to examine Massachusetts entities engaged in initial coin offerings.  Increased ICO enforcement from multiple authorities is an important trend to watch.
  • DHS pledged it would “intervene directly” in cyberattacks against private industry.  Cause for comfort or concern?
  • And an OIG report faults HHS as being rife with cybersecurity vulnerabilities.  Perhaps the old adage is apt:  “Physician, heal thyself.”

Happy holidays!

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