Cybersecurity News & Notes – July 11, 2016

In Case You Missed It:  The EU/US Privacy Shield is set to go into effect this Tuesday, July 13, pending a decision today by the EU’s College of Commissioners.  On Friday, July 8, the Privacy Shield agreement (entered into in February) was adopted by EU member states. EU/US data transfer has been in limbo ever since the erstwhile Safe Harbor was invalided by the European Court of Justice last year.  Stay tuned in this space for much more on the ins-and-outs of what the Privacy Shield says, and what it means for business.

News of Note:  In further evidence that the U.S. government is increasingly concerned about cybersecurity issues, President Obama singled out cybersecurity as a significant concern while at a press conference in Madrid, Spain, noting that the White House had been the target of hacking attacks (and in response to concerns regarding the possibility that Hillary Clinton’s email was hacked while she was Secretary of State).   And newly-appointed HHS Chief Information Officer Beth Anne Killoran has indicated that she intends to focus on cybersecurity issues while serving in her post.

Practice Tip of the Week:  Focus on accountability.  If a data breach occurs, who must alert management?  Who in management will quarterback the response effort?  Who will be responsible for coordinating technical, legal, business continuity, and public relations elements?  Even without a breach, who will day-to-day communication and reporting occur?  From whom, and to whom?  Asking these questions, and thinking carefully about their answers, can be a clarifying, productive, and ultimately time- and cost-saving exercise.

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