Cybersecurity News and Notes – June 6, 2016

In Case You Missed It: US and EU officials signed on to the so-called “Privacy Umbrella” deal last week.  The agreement is designed to protect the personal data of EU citizens when it is transferred to the US for law enforcement purposes — a sort of criminal counterpart to the sturdier-sounding Privacy Shield we discussed here last Thursday.  And, like the Shield, the Umbrella has drawn its share of critics, who claim that it “effectively undoes” much of EU’s data protection.

News of Note: Zuckerberg Hacked. Demonstrating that no one is immune from a cybersecurity attack, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg found several of his social media accounts hacked on Sunday.  From early reports, the root of the hack appears to be LinkedIn credentials that were compromised back in 2012.  But Zuckerberg himself may have exacerbated the problem by using the same password across multiple platforms.  As the New York Times helpfully points out, if he can be a victim, so can you.

Practice Tip:  Rescue Your Ransomware Hostages. Readers of the blog are undoubtedly aware of the rise of ransomware, and hopefully have taken steps to protect and prepare themselves.  If you’re looking to give the uninitiated a quick introduction, however, WIRED recently shared a 20-page “Hostage Rescue Manual.”  The guide, prepared by security training firm KnowBe4, explains ransomware and offers a range of practical advice on identifying and responding to a ransomware infection.


Cybersecurity:  Compliance and Risk Management Webinar tomorrow!

Join Foley Hoag attorneys Peter Sullivan and Chris Hart for a webinar on Tuesday, June 7 at 1pm, hosted by the Clear Law Institute.  They will be presenting on cybersecurity from the perspective of both compliance and risk management.  You can register for the webinar here.  For a sneak preview, read their recent article on the topic here.

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