HIPAA “Omnibus” Regulations Published in Federal Register

The revised HIPAA regulations were formally published today in the Federal Register.  In this form, they only take up 138 pages!

Law360 has a brief piece on the revised HIPAA rules, with the perspectives of various attorneys (including me) on the changes.  While I’m not sure I agree with the quote that “This is a paradigm shift in the privacy world,” I do agree that this is “definitely something for all businesses to pay attention to.”  Similarly, I agreed that “now that the starting gun has sounded, it’s a race to get ready by the Sept. 23 compliance deadline.”

2 thoughts on “HIPAA “Omnibus” Regulations Published in Federal Register

    • While the rules themselves do not have a specific deadline, the new rules are in effect, so the workforce should now be trained on these new rules.

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