FTC Chair Sees E.U. “Moving” Toward U.S. Standards; Is Seeing Believing?

At the end of what was an interesting, but rather ordinary interview in the Wall Street Journal, FTC Chair Jon Leibowitz dropped this interesting nugget:

MS. ANGWIN: The EU has a very different approach to privacy, and there has been concern about whether we’re going to move in that direction. What’s your view?

MR. LEIBOWITZ: My sense is you might see Europe moving a little bit more to our approach of allowing some advertising and allowing some collection of data.

Perhaps Mr. Leibowitz should sit down with Alan Shatter, the Irish minister charged with putting together an agreement to extend the E.U.’s data protection law to Web businesses and the digital economy. Mr. Shatter’s statements in this recent International Herald Tribune report certainly don’t suggest any movement toward U.S. standards.

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