Data Breaches Keep Privacy and Security Lawyers Increasingly Busy and Looking for Recruits, But Recruits Are Hard to Find

Interesting article from Of Counsel regarding both the substance and the business of data privacy and security law.  Lawyers from several firms (including me) talk about current and pending legislation, the mechanisms of compliance and breach response, and the pipeline for new lawyers in the field of data security and privacy. 

One of the other attorneys discussed the shortage of trained attorneys in this area as follows:

You’d think, "Well heck, privacy has been around forever."  But this is different. At law schools they need to find someone to teach this, and that’s not easy.  So we don’t have enough generations yet.  Mostly you have practicing attorneys who learned the area on the job, so you try to lateral in somebody, but it’s hard to get somebody just out of law school.  We have to train young associates.

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