The Right To Be Deleted

If you haven’t Googled yourself in a while, this might be a good time. My own self-search reveals, among other things, a page at  I didn’t put it there, and I’d rather it not be there. However, right now, there isn’t a right to have your personal or professional information be deleted from social media, review sites, and other types of websites that gather your personal information.  However, legislation may be coming that will address this concern.

According to the Wall Street Journal,

Lawmakers and regulators are trying to do more to address consumer concerns. There is no U.S. law, as there is in Europe, requiring companies to allow people to view or delete their personal data on file at an institution. Last year, Sens. John Kerry (D., Mass.) and John McCain (R., Ariz.) introduced legislation that would require most data brokers to let people view and make corrections to the personal data stored about them. The White House is expected to call for similar rights when it releases its “Privacy Bill of Rights” later this year.

We also know the FTC is watching online background reporting entities, and recently warned marketers of six mobile applications that provide background screening apps that they may be violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The FTC warned the apps marketers that, if they have reason to believe the background reports they provide are being used for employment screening, housing, credit, or other similar purposes, they must comply with the Act.  While this doesn’t deal with unwanted listings, it might limit their impact.

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