More on Google’s Privacy Policy

Here is an excerpt from my interview yesterday with Jon Mitchell of ReadWriteWeb:

"From a legal perspective, I’m not seeing anything that’s much different in what’s being proposed to take effect on March 1 and what’s in place right now," Zick says. "In particular, the language about sharing across services has been in [Google’s policies] for a long time."

Zick points out that all the past versions of Google’s privacy policies are on the website, and the last two versions offer line-by-line comparisons to the previous version. Zick expects that Google will do the same with the new policy once it’s officially issued.

"What we have is not a reaction to a change in legal language," Zick says, "but it’s a change in perception. … People are just reflexively reacting to the idea that Google is big."

The entire article can be viewed here, and our earlier post here.

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