Consumer Class Action Filed Against Sony for Data Breach

On May 5, a consumer class action was filed against Sony, relating to the data breaches in its Sony PlayStation and related services.  The complaint alleges negligence, invasion of privacy and misappropriation of confidential financial information, as well as breach of express and implied contract.  No specific damages were alleged.

One thought on “Consumer Class Action Filed Against Sony for Data Breach

  1. I have multiple Sony accounts. One of them was REQUIRED for my Blu-Ray player to function propely.
    After reading several online forums, including Sony’s own help and support forum, I found out that every internet request I make with my Blu-Ray player is routed THROUGH Sony’s servers first. This allows then to track everything I am doing online with my Blu-Ray player.
    Particularly, I would like to view internet content with my device without every request being routed through Sony servers first. I

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