Monthly Archives: June 2010

Cracking Down: Twitter Settles Charges that It Did Not Take Adequate Security Precautions To Protect User Privacy Settings

Today, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Twitter announced that Twitter has agreed to settle FTC charges that the company failed to take sufficient security measures to protect user privacy settings.

The FTC charges stem from breaches in security that occurred in 2009, when hackers accessed Twitter employee accounts and used administrative controls to access the Twitter accounts of high-profile users,… More

Incident of the Week: Army Intelligence Analyst In Custody After Claiming that He Leaked Thousands of Classified Documents

22-year old U.S. Army intelligence analyst Bradley Manning is reportedly in custody in Kuwait after claiming that he sent 260,000 classified documents to the WikiLeaks website. According to WIRED, Manning, who served at Forward Operating Base Hammer near Baghdad in Iraq, made the admission after reaching out to former hacker Adrian Lamo in a series of Internet chats beginning on May 21st.  Manning ominously began the conversation with the following:

(1:41:12 PM) Bradley Manning: hi
(1:44:04 PM) Manning: how are you?… More

Incident of the Week: Clickjacking Worm Induces Thousands of Facebook Users to “Like” Infected Websites

This week was an unusually optimistic one for hundreds of thousands of Facebook users who found that their accounts were automatically endorsing numerous oddly entitled websites.  If you have been avoiding Facebook, your closest Facebook user (anyone under the age of 30 is a safe guess) can explain that one way users have to share things with their friends, including websites, musicians, television shows, ideas and other users,… More